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Plants for Sale!

Big news from Juniper Hill Farm; we’ve been working on our license to sell plants, vegetables and flowers for your home garden!
After many weeks of pampering, and after many days of transplanting, we’re ready to let our plants find their own home. As much as we’d love to keep each and every one of them, it’s time to move on, grow up, know there’s more to the world than our little farm…and we need some space!

At this time we have hundreds of large six-packs of vegetables, (Six Plants for $5) including:

  • Eggplants, Slim Purple and Santana
  • Green/Red Peppers
  • Tomatoes, a variety of Slicing, Sauce, and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mixed packs of Heirloom Tomatoes

Smaller six-packs of flowers and herbs:

  • Mixed packs of Basils:  Amethyst, Purple Ruffle, Thai, Italian, Citrus, Aroma, and Spicy Bush Basil  (12 Plants for $5)
  • Morning Glories
  • Holly Hocks
  • Cosmos

And we have potted plants and bouquets of varying sizes, with many more perennial flowers, squash, cucumbers, and herbs yet to come.  Please email, call, or stop by while supplies last!

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We’re ready for spring!

We’ve been rummaging through some old pictures to keep us inspired as we wait for the snow to melt; we hope this slideshow reminds you of good times, too!

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Our plan for the next month or so is to continue construction on our six greenhouses and recently primed and painted boiler room, start germinating, seeding, and growing all kinds of flowers, tomatoes, greens, and such, and getting organized for spring.  If you’d like to help, sign up to become a member of our CSA, or ask us about volunteer work in exchange for some good food!

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