Rolling Dibblers for plug flats 

­We have designed and created the perfect tool for making uniform dibbles in your plug flats. A couple quick rolls with the dibbler results in a perfectly centered seed/seedling to help improve plug quality. 

We currently offer a 200, 128, 98, 72, and 50 cell for T.O Plastics trays as well as Landmark Plastics trays (They most likely fit most brands as well). We have plans to add more T.O trays in the near future. We also have a design for the Dillon 288 trays. We have the ability to change the dibble depth to any depth you would like (within tray limits).  Any tray/brand is possible and we are open to designing a dibbler for your trays! Also possible to be mounted to auto seeding machines. 

 These dibblers utilize a heavy duty long stem cultivator bearing and housing system that is over-engineered for maximum strength. The bearings are designed to be replaced if for some reason they go out, but they are meant for much heavier use and should last for years and years.  

All dibblers are $150 plus shippingCustom design for new trays $40. 

Perfect dibbles every time

Smooth rolling for easy use
Heavy duty bearings

3D Design allows for easy customization

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