Community Supported Agriculture

Why CSA?

These days, the produce we buy at the grocery store is often grown hundreds of miles away, laden with pesticides, herbicides, and various other chemicals. Consumers are usually unaware of how these foods are grown and what contaminants they contain. Even when natural foods are found, they are often expensive and still grown in a place far away. If you are seeking an alternative to buying such foods, CSA might be right for you.

Benefits of your support

As a member of Juniper Hill Farm’s CSA, you will be making an early investment in our farm, giving us the means to get the season off to a healthy start. In return for your commitment, you’ll receive bonus credit towards a smorgasbord of organically grown produce, cultivated right here in your own community. Throughout the year, you will have à la carte access to a seasonal variety of fresh vegetables.

How it works

You will receive a prepaid gift card that can be used to order from our online Farm Store or at any farmers’ markets you can find us. You will receive a 10% bonus on your card as long as payment is made before 4/1/2022. Payments after 4/1 will receive a 5% bonus. For example, a small share purchased for $300 before 4/1 will receive a card loaded with $330, after 4/1 it will be $315.

Large Share
Best option for families with children

Small Share
Best option for 1-2 people

Farm Pick-Up

CSA Membership Agreement

Since 2008, Juniper Hill Farm relied on the patronage of our customers through a CSA program. This an incredible model supports us directly and allows our customers to bring freshly harvested organically-grown produce from our fields to their tables. By becoming a member, you have all decided to share in the joy of the season.
With our new credit-based CSA model, you get instant access and the flexibility to get exactly what you want, when you want it. Your upfront payment is put towards the potting soil, greenhouse heat, seeds, labor, and tools that ensures a bountiful harvest season for you to choose from. We like to compare it to the interest in your bank account. You have given us a loan and in return your interest rate is paid in the form of more farm fresh vegetables on your table. CSA members join with their farmer in both the risks of farming (crop failure, poor weather, bad traffic) and its benefits (a huge variety of local organic vegetables, direct relationship with the farmer, and the ability to come visit the farm). I understand that vegetable availability will vary from week to week, in both quantity and variety. We do our best to know what is in the field and get it to your plate.
Throughout the past years we have had our fair share of disasters, from tomato blight to hurricane Irene. These were challenging situations for us as farmers and for our membership. We do everything we can to put food on your table and hope to be in your household for years to come, but as Irene showed us we can’t plan for all of it. And now, COVID-19 has presented a whole new set of tough challenges for us and our customers. Thankfully, this global disaster has not yet affected us harshly as it has many farms throughout the United States, and indeed, around the world. With that said, we adamantly believe that now more than ever, ensuring the stability of our local food economy is vital. At this moment, the more direct the better.
All sales final.

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