2015 CSA Signup open! Hibernation has come to an end.


It has been a long winter at Juniper Hill Farm. So much so that we have been slow to get everything rolling for a fear that spring will not come. But after too many calls from interested consumers we have come out of hibernation. With today being the warmest we have seen since fall we figured it would be fitting to get the CSA rolling.

We thank you once again for allowing us to provide full bellies to your family.

2014 was a record year for Juniper Hill Farm’s production and we are feeling great about 2015!

We will be limiting the number of CSA shares this year so please sign up early!

Thank you again,

Melody and Adam!

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2014 Sign up season has started

To look at our CSA Options please click  SIGN UP FOR CSA

It’s been a wild winter for all of us! Maybe we have just gotten soft the past couple winters. We have received many phone calls and emails asking when the CSA sign-up starts because much like daffodils and crocus we wait for a sign of spring, it only takes one, but frankly we haven’t seen it so we haven’t sent out the email!

While Mother Nature is still contemplating the end of winter we have finally come out of hibernation and would like to invite you to join our 2014 CSA season. This week we have finally turned on the greenhouses, started our onions, greenhouse tomatoes, and celeriac!

2013 was a season of major growth for Juniper Hill farm and 2014 we seek to maintain and manage this amount of acreage and membership rather than continue to grow. We have to catch up sometime.

This year we will be dedicating an enthusiastic employee to keep all of us in touch better than ever! We are working on a new member newsletter, blogs, recipes, and style of communication that truly lets you know what your food is going through to get to your table and how to cook some of those weird veggies we grow!

We are also excited in 2014 that we have applied for Organic certification through NOFA-NY. While we used to shrug this certification off as unnecessary we have changed our attitude. With the lines being blurred between natural, conventional, and IPM agriculture more than ever before we seek to actually use the word organic in describing our products. While this is a significant cost this time of yearwe are lucky our USDA still has a cost share program to transition to organic production and offers up to $750 to help offset certification fees.

A new relationship with Saratoga Apple will allow us to offer our first fruit share! This share will contain the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pears, apples and plums that we all crave. Unfortunately we cannot find 100% of these products organically grown and Nate down at Saratoga apple is as close as we have found. He manages 60 acres of orchard and fruit and has the best honey crisp I have ever tried! This share will cost $120 (7.50/week) for 16 weeks. We have opted to go with 16 weeks in case there are any skips in production it will give us a little wiggle room as it’s our first year offering it.


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Juniper Hill farm is seeking new employees!

We have a variety of positions to fill for 2014!

Check out the PDF for specific needs.

Job descriptions 2014

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